About Brilliant Mindfulness

cultivating our innate capacity for attention and well-being

Brilliant Mindfulness, LLC, offers innovative programs for schools, families, and businesses in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area.


We help students cultivate focused attention, develop greater self-regulation, and manage their stress that can interfere with learning


We help teachers reduce chronic stress and burnout, and develop stronger relationships with students and colleagues


We support parents in the challenging work of raising children, and teach mindfulness practices to the whole family


We assist businesses in promoting employee wellness, work-life balance, and stress reduction to improve morale and productivity

Our Story

Brilliant Mindfulness was founded in 2015 by Sarah Rudell Beach.  Sarah began her mindfulness practice in 2006 when she became a mother, and discovered that mindfulness could be life-changing. She began training with Mindful Schools, and started teaching mindfulness to students and staff in the Wayzata Public Schools.

Sarah has seen the transformative power of mindfulness in her high school classroom, in her family, and in her own life. After 17 years in the classroom, Sarah founded Brilliant Mindfulness to bring the power of mindfulness to schools, families, and communities. 

In the the past three years, Sarah has become a leader in the mindfulness in education movement. She has worked with dozens of school districts throughout Minnesota and the midwest. Her work has been featured in numerous publications, and her first book, a mindfulness guide for mothers, will be published in 2018.