Mindfulness Programs for Students

8-week, 16-week, and full-year options

for K-12 classrooms and preschools

Mindfulness teaches students strategies for developing emotional awareness, attentional stability, self-control, empathy, and stress-management.


Mindfulness supports the social-emotional components of a high quality education, and promotes essential skills for academic achievement. A growing body of research in neuroscience and psychology has shown many benefits of mindfulness, including:

better focus and concentration

decreased stress and anxiety

increased empathy and understanding of others

improved impulse control and self-awareness

increased sense of calm

greater emotional awareness and regulation

improvement in executive function


development of natural conflict resolution skills

Mindful Kids and Mindful Teens

The Mindful Kids and Mindful Teens programs are based on the Mindful Schools (R) curriculum.

Each lesson teaches students about one aspect of mindfulness, and includes practice time and discussion.  

Each program includes:

  • 16 lessons over 8 weeks (twice weekly) or 16 weeks (once weekly). Each lesson is approximately 15-20 minutes. (Program length, and individual session length, can be customized to meet your needs).
  • three training sessions for teachers (each approximately 30 minutes long — one at the beginning of the program, one in the middle, and one follow-up session after program completion.)
  • workbooks with mindfulness activities for each student (K-5 grades only)
  • mindfulness manual for the classroom teacher
  • bell for each classroom to continue mindfulness practice after the program ends
  • mindfulness manuals for parents
  • one parent meeting (held in the evening) to introduce parents to mindfulness and the Mindful Kids or Mindful Teens program, and to provide ways for families to practice mindfulness together

The Mindful Kids and Mindful Teens programs include the following lessons:

  • Mindful listening and communication
  • Mindful breathing
  • Body awareness
  • Generosity
  • Mindfulness of thoughts
  • Mindfulness of emotions/emotional awareness
  • Gratitude
  • Kindness and caring on the playground (and/or in the halls)
  • Mindful movement and mindful walking
  • Mindful test-taking
  • Skills for dealing with anxiety
  • How the brain works 

Customized programs are also available to meet the needs of your students, families, and staff.

The Mindful Student

mindfulness + study skills

The Mindful Student is an innovative program that combines mindfulness practice andstudy skills instruction for students in grades 9-12. This course is designed for students of all ability levels. It is especially helpful for students transitioning to high school orbeginning to take advanced courses. It is also beneficial for students who experienceschool-related stress and test anxiety

The Mindful Student includes guided instruction and practice on the following:

Study skills and strategies based on the latest research in learning and cognition — topics include:

  • Managing your time (and how to stop procrastinating)
  • Studying efficiently (working smarter, not harder)
  • Reading challenging texts
  • Preparing for, and taking, tests
  • Making study groups effective

Mindfulness practices to develop greaterconcentration and focus, and healthy habits of mind — topics include:

  • Mindful breathing and mindful awareness strategies
  • Managing stress and anxiety
  • Finding balance
  • Dealing with test anxiety
  • Developing a growth mindset

Schools or districts interested in offering this course to their students can contact us here.