Speaking Engagements

Sarah Rudell Beach, Executive Director of Brilliant Mindfulness, is an experienced educator and an engaging speaker.

Sarah Rudell Beach is available as a keynote speaker or workshop leader at your next conference, youth event, retreat, or professional development session.

Sarah explains mindfulness with humor and clarity, making the practice accessible to beginners. Sarah draws upon the latest research, as well as her years of personal practice, to share mindfulness in an informed, authentic, and relatable manner. Each presentation Sarah conducts includes instruction in basic mindfulness practices — you’ll leave with new strategies for bringing calm and balance into your life!

Mindfulness Presentations and Workshops

Mindfulness for Stress Reduction and Well-Being

Who isn’t stressed these days? Mindfulness is a powerful technique to transform how we relate to the stressors in our lives. And when we change how we relate to our life, our life changes. Learn strategies for stress reduction and life-long well-being!

How to Breathe Through Parenting

Parenting is a tough job! Our children bring us our greatest joys and our deepest frustrations and challenges. Thismindful parenting workshop is all about taking care of parents. Parents will learn mindfulness strategies forkeeping their calm during the stresses of parenting, and making time for their own self-care.

Got Stress? Mindfulness for Teens

Teens today are under lots of pressure, and anxiety seems to be through the roof! In this presentation, Sarah draws upon her 17 years of high school teaching to share strategies for teens to learn to manage anxiety, calm down when they are stressed, and find balance in their busy lives. This workshop is especially helpful for students who experience school-related anxiety.