Reduce Stress with Body & Breath
Connect with your body.
Stop losing your mind.
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Stress is a modern epidemic.
And we're ALL suffering.
We say we're losing our minds...
when what we've really lost is our connection to our bodies.

We've lost our ability to tune into the signals of the body that guide us to rest and recuperate.
We've forgotten how to use the body's innate resources for calming and healing itself.

In this powerful four-week course, we'll breathe, move, and feel our way to embodied, balanced living.

We'll learn to...

Reduce Stress with
Body and Breath!
this course will be offered Spring/Summer 2016
Reduce Stress with Body and Breath
is taught by
Sarah Rudell Beach, M.Ed.
Mindful Schools Certified Instructor
Creator of the popular website Left Brain Buddha
Executive Director of Brilliant Mindfulness LLC