Mindfulness Programs for Teachers
One of the most important factors in student achievement is high quality teaching.

Yet teachers today report elevated levels of stress and anxiety that can interfere with their ability to form meaningful relationships with students and teach effectively.

Mindfulness is a valuable wellness and self-care tool for teachers, and has been demonstrated to reduce teacher stress and burnout.Mindfulness helps teachers cultivate compassionate attention and an attuned presence in the classroom.
The latest research shows mindfulness training for teachers
makes classroom transitions easier
reduces attentional biases
promotes healthy relationships between teachers and students
results in greater classroom organization
provides more time for teachers to teach lessons
promotes the use of effective teaching practices
Program Options for Teachers
Mindfulness for Teachers
The online course for teachers begins April 17, 2017

Group discounts available.
*These sessions are also relevant for administrators, paraprofessionals, secretarial staff, and other school personnel.
Mindfulness and Stress Reduction for Educators
(one-time session)
Teaching is a stressful job! This one-time session teaches educators strategies for managing stress and achieving a sense of balance and calm.
1.5-2 hour session.

This session includes:

* an introduction to mindfulness and detailed instructions on establishing a personal mindfulness practice

* guided practice in a variety of mindfulness exercises, and practical strategies for managing stress and avoiding burnout
“Mindfulness training can enhance teachers’ sense of well-being. It can also provide a buffer against the stress that arises from the demands and challenges of the classroom environment.”

Lisa Flook, University of Wisconsin-Madison                     
Mindfulness for Teachers
(multiple sessions)
With a more in-depth exploration of mindfulness over several sessions, participants will develop a mindfulness practice, reflect on their work as educators, and learn skills for mindful communication and building relationships with students.
Time needed: 6-10 hours over 3-5 sessions  

This program includes:

* an introduction to mindfulness and detailed guidance for establishing a personal practice

* practical strategies for managing stress and avoiding burnout
* an exploration of teaching as a mindfulness practice and how mindfulness helps us teach with purpose, passion, and presence

* the latest research on mindfulness in education

* instruction on the following topics: mindful communication, mindful teaching, and teaching mindfulness to students 
“Sarah's class is a powerful professional development experience. Mindfulness has allowed me to more fully attend to the present moment, to stop chasing unproductive thoughts, and to exercise a greater degree of compassion towards myself. I’m a better teacher as a result. Just ask my students!”
- high school teacher
Customized professional development programs -- including online programs -- are also available.
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What teachers are saying about mindfulness training with Sarah Rudell Beach:
"I have more patience with students at school, and unexpected problems stress me out less than they did before." ~middle school teacher
“I really got a lot from Sarah sharing her experiences and wisdom. I love, love, loved the class!” ~ high school math teacher

“I’ve become more understanding of others, and I’ve been better at communicating with my colleagues.” ~ high school English teacher

I am truly listening to my students. I am much more aware of the wait time each student needs and I find myself really listening to the questions my students are asking.” ~ high school math teacher

“I am more aware of my thoughts and being in the moment. I can tell my heart isn’t racing as frequently or intensely.” ~ 4th-grade teacher

“It is amazing how much more efficiently my brain works when I am not spending my precious brain energy in the past or future!” ~ high school art teacher
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SARAH RUDELL BEACH, Executive Director of Brilliant Mindfulness, LLC, is a Mindful Schools Certified Instructor. She has received training in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and in the Mindful Schools Curriculum for K-12 students. A teacher with 17 years of classroom experience, she also writes about mindfulness, education, and healthy living for the Huffington Post.

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