Live Your Life with
Less Stress
and More Joy
personal mindfulness coaching
with Sarah Rudell Beach, M.Ed.
If you...

feel stressed out and overwhelmed

have difficulty focusing and being present during your day

feel burnt out, and wish you had more balance in your life

wish you were happier, and felt more at ease in your life
I can help you!
Sarah Rudell Beach, M.Ed.
Executive Director, Brilliant Mindfulness
Mindful Schools Certified Instructor
Creator of the popular website Left Brain Buddha
Personalized Mindfulness Coaching
in-person coaching in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area
online coaching everywhere else in the world
Modern life is stressful..

We're crazybusy.

We run through our days on autopilot, yanked around by our habitual (over)reactions.

We're distracted and forgetful.

We snap at people when we don't mean to.

Our heads are filled with thoughts of all the "to-do"s on our list.

We're anxious for much of the day, and we don't know how to calm down.

At the end of the day, we feel defeated and depleted.

We want to present for our one "wild and crazy life," and maybe we tell ourselves we'll do better tomorrow, we'll take some deep breaths... and then tomorrow it's just more of the same!

What's a modern, stressed-out human to do?
When we practice MINDFULNESS, we learn the absolutely-important-for-human-functioning skills of
being present, calming down,  and
managing our emotions.
"Mindfulness is life-changing -- let me show you how!"
Before I started practicing mindfulness, I figured it "wasn't for me." I had two little kids, a very demanding job, a house to clean, dinner to make . . .and I had to go to Target. I didn't have time to be mindful!

But I needed something practical that would help me manage my stress. I decided to learn how to use this ancient practice in my very modern life.

So I read a lot of books (a lot!) and I gave it a try. And you know what happened? My life started to change!Not all at once, of course, but slowly, surely... I could see it.

I laughed more. I smiled more. I found a stillness and ease at the core of my crazybusy life.

Now I'm a certified mindfulness instructor, and I spend my days teaching this powerful practice to students, teachers, mothers... and people all over the world(over 2000 so far!)
Mindfulness is our ability to pay attention to the present moment, with curiosity, and without judgment.
And mindfulness is really good for you!
A growing body of research shows that practicing mindfulness leads to many benefits, including:

✻ better focus and concentration
✻ increased sense of calm
decreased stress and anxiety
✻ better ability to respond to difficult emotions
✻ increased empathy and understanding of others
✻ better sleep, improved immune functioning, and less chronic pain
✻ increased levels of happiness, optimism, and well-being
Maybe you've tried practicing mindfulness, but you worried you were doing it wrong. Maybe your mind wouldn't shut off. EVER. Maybe you found it hard to stick with the practice.
Wouldn't it be nice to have a guide for your mindful journey?
That's where I come in!
I can give you personalized attention, guidance, and instruction to help you reduce your stress and find your joy.
Personalized Mindfulness Coaching
Over several weeks and/or months, you and I will work closely together to help you start your mindfulness practice. In 60-minute Skype/phone sessions once a week, you'll learn mindfulness and meditation techniques, and we'll explore how you can use these practices to deal with the stressors in YOUR life.

What You Get
Personalized Instruction
We'll take a look at the stressors in your life, and create a mindfulness program for YOU.
Guided Meditations
I will guide you through meditations during our calls (so there's none of the "how do I even DO this" questions!) You'll learn many different practices for reducing stress!
Calm & Quiet
Our sessions are a special time of self-care and nurture. You'll learn powerful ways to access calm and stability whenever you need it.
Real-Life Change
This isn't just navel-gazing -- we'll make sure you know how to apply these practices to make meaningful changes in your life.
Support & Accountability
I am your coach and accountability partner! I'll keep you motivated and on track, and address all your questions and concerns as you deepen your practice.
Strength & Resilience
I wish I could make all the bad stuff go away ... but I will give you powerful tools so you can bounce back from whatever life throws at you in the future!
"Sarah is so gifted at teaching meditation. She is the best teacher I have found to date."
2016 online course participant
When you sign up for coaching with me, you also get
Brilliant Mindful YOU!
When you sign up for personal mindfulness coaching with me, you'll also get full access to my signature online course, Brilliant Mindful YOU!

This is a six-week course introducing you to the practice of mindfulness. You'll learn basic practices for reducing stress, calming down, finding time for meditation, establishing a self-care routine and working with your thoughts and emotions. You also get access to "But I Don't Have TIME to be Mindful!", my two-week program for setting yourself up for mindful success!

Included in the course: over 2 hours of instructional videos and 12 guided audio meditations.

**FREE with your coaching sessions.
What people say about working with me:
"It's a breath of fresh air!"

Lisa McCrohan, LCSW, mindfulness and yoga teacher and writer at Barefoot Barn
"As a trained mindfulness teacher myself, I look for teachers who live and practice what they teach. Sarah has such an inviting, authentic, and gently powerful presence. Her voice is soothing and supportive, and her instructions are clear. She truly lives her passion for mindfulness, and it's beautiful to see. There is a genuineness to her that makes my heart smile." 
"This is a game-changer!"

Stephanie Sprenger, editor at The Herstories Project and writer at Mommy, For Real
“Sarah does her work with humor, compassion, and wisdom. She brings a brilliant mix of research, inspiration, practical tips, and hands-on tools. Sarah introduces mindfulness to her clients with enthusiasm and insight. She makes it realistic to begin or deepen a meditation practice, and she inspires people to awaken to the real value of mindfulness in our daily lives.”
Mindfulness Coaching is Perfect for:
Business leaders
Parents and families
Teachers, counselors, & administrators
Social workers, physicians, and "helping" professionals
Coaching Packages
Choose your package:
8 Weeks
$697 (or $357/month)
  • 8 weekly one-hour calls (via phone or Skype)
  • Personalized support and guided practices
  • Enrollment in Brilliant Mindful YOUand "But I Don't Have TIME to be Mindful!" ($145 value)
  • Email support between sessions
12 Weeks
$897 (or $309/month)
  • 12 weekly one-hour calls (via phone or Skype)
  • Personalized support and guided practices
  • Enrollment in Brilliant Mindful YOU* and "But I Don't Have TIME to be Mindful!" ($145 value!)
  • Enrollment in Reduce Stress with Body and Breath ($99 value!)
  • Email support between sessions
  • Best value!
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*Have you already taken Brilliant Mindful YOU? No problem -- you'll get a 20% discount on your coaching package!

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“Sarah is one of my favorite sources for knowledge, wisdom, inspiration, and fresh ideas for how to practice mindfulness. Her style is relatable, engaging, effective, and lots of fun, and she knows what she’s talking about!”

Carla Naumburg, Ph.D., LICSW, author of Parenting in the Present Moment Ready, Set, Breathe, and PsychCentral’s Mindful Parenting blog 
In-Person Coaching Options
If you are in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, you can work with me in person to begin your mindfulness practice and receive individualized instruction and attention.
I offer the following in-person programs. Contact me here if you are interested in something other than what is listed below:
Personal Coaching
A five- or ten-session series focused on mindfulness, stress reduction, emotional awareness and regulation, and self-care.
Family Coaching
A four- or eight-session series for the whole family: you'll learn about mindfulness with fun games and activities, and learn ways to practice together! (kids ages 3-18+)
Teen Coaching
A six-session series for teens (with or without parents present), focusing on managing anxiety and school stress, and learning mindful study skills.
Mindful Playdates
Get your friends together for a two-hour mindful playdate! We'll learn about mindfulness, and fun ways to use our breath and bodies to calm down and focus! (kids ages 3-10)
Interested in in-person coaching or want more information? Fill out the form below and I'll be in touch!
SARAH RUDELL BEACH, Executive Director of Brilliant Mindfulness, LLC, is a Mindful School Certified Instructor. She has received training in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and in the Mindful Schools Curriculum for K-12 students. A teacher with 17 years of classroom experience, she also writes about mindfulness, education, and healthy living for the Huffington Post, and was featured in the August, 2016 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine.