Teach with Presence, Purpose, and Passion

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Powerful, Mindfulness-Based Professional Development for Teachers

Brilliant Mindfulness professional development programs help teachers connect to their purpose and passion as educators. Certified Mindfulness Instructor Sarah Rudell Beach will guide teachers in reflecting on their professional journey, and help them discover strategies to cultivate presence and awareness in the classroom.

Teaching is rated one of the highest in stress-related occupations, and almost half of teachers leave the profession within five years. Mindfulness practice has been demonstrated to reduce teachers’ levels of stress and increase self-compassion. Teachers who practice mindfulness have been shown to have more organized classrooms, and use more effective teaching practices (Flook, et. al., 2013).

In our programs for teachers, participants will learn mindfulness and self-care practices for managing stress and avoiding burnout. Our programs help teachers build meaningful relationships with students, and ultimately show up each day with passion, purpose, and presence.

Customized professional development opportunities, or cohort-style programs, are also available. Contact us here.

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